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This is a matter of great concern not only for Pakistan but also for the entire globe. It has started just after the 9/11 sad incidence which took the lives of so many inocent humans, and shock the whole world that the so called super power could have so low security level in their own country that a bunch of terrorists could control the United States. The failure of which resulted disturbace throughout the world. Firstly the US struck with massive power and demolished those areas of Afghanistan where still there is no facility of electricity, no phone facility and people are spending their lives below poverty level.
Unfortunately the US failed to accomplished the operation by not capturing the most wanted people which they beleive to be the master mind of 9/11 i.e Osama Bin Ladin, Aiman Al-Zahervi, Maula Omar etc. beside having all the latest technologies and support of allied forces. Which resulted in the migration of escaped people from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
Intenstionally the same operation started with the help of Pakistan Army against the terrorists but this time not in the tribal areas of Pakistan but settled area of beautiful swat valley and surroundings, where 3 million peace loving pushtoons left their homes with zero level refugee arrangements by the Pakistan government, which unfortunately is in the hands of supreme currupt leaders, because of which we feel extremely ashamed of being Pakistani. Lets suppose if the US and Pakistan again failed in their plan and the so called terrorists again escape from here, then which country's peace will be in stake, and if again the US failed there which country's number next, and so on............
This message is for all the peace loving brothers and sisters in the world to please step ahead not with your weapon as gun but with your pen or key board as your weapons. Express and share your feelings with your neighbours, friends, colleuges, upload via internet to save the world against the war, we should discourage the killing of any single citizen of the world in any shape. May be one single word written or spoken by us today may save thousands of precious lives tomorrow.
so please lets say " NO TO WAR " and provide a much peaceful environment to our upcoming generation.

June 3, 2009 | 2:40 AM Comments  {num} comments


Related to country: Pakistan

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Let me tell you about a very strange situation, when on sunday 13th April 2008, 100s of young teenagers were playing cricket in Ayub Stadium footpaths (as there is no sufficient playgrounds in Quetta) Quetta Pakistan, and a terrorist came and throw a hand granade which exploded injuring 3 boys and instead of scene of terror and fear, they continued on playing and wihin a minute, it looked as if nothing has happened, every thing was in routine.

This is actually nothing else then a matter of great failure of the system in our province Balochistan where the law enforcing agencies have failed to overcome the main security problem, where 2 or 3 officials are killed on daily basis (just heard that 2 police man are killed by unknown gunman) the terrorists are never caught not only a single person has been arrested and punished. simply there is no law it looks as if we are living a jungle life, the strong people are playing with the law and the law is only implemented on poors. The nation is now used too of these explosions.

99 % of our population is peace loving but cannot play their role and cannot come out on roads against any increase in prices of dailly use items and insecurity problem as they have been intensionally engaged to fulfill their daily life legal needs.

So in the end I want to say that it is total failure of the system to keep peace and prosperity in my country pakistan and particularly in Balochistan Province.

April 15, 2008 | 5:18 PM Comments  {num} comments


Worst Political Scenario in Pakistan
About this event: International Forum On Social Science-Policy Nexus
Related to country: Pakistan

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After the assasination of one of the great leaders of Pakistan BENAZIR BHOTTO , the fight for the restoration of Democracy in Pakistan has badly been affected. Pakistan is now in its worst Political scenario. It is now the duty of every single pakistani living in any part of the world to think about the future of the country and contribute his best role so that in future we may say to our up coming generation that we sacrificed our lives for your better life otherwise I am affraid that the situation is getting worst day by day.
All the International agencies and our friends may also play their role for the peace in our region.

January 1, 2008 | 4:22 PM Comments  {num} comments


emergency on emergency in Pakistan sounds strange !!!!!!!
Related to country: Pakistan

Iisn't it strange that in Pakistan an emergency has been declared on 3/11/2007. I want to know the comments of friends that what was declared on 12 Oct 1999 and the same power in power has declared emergency once again.
I am confused, please someone told me that if some one is the head of the state for last 8 years and controlling government with full powers, than if judiciary is trying to come on the fair track after 60 years to protect rights and provide justice to every single citizen of this country, so whats wrong in it and why someone should declare emergency.
please tell me if the emergency on emergency was the right step or wrong one?

November 5, 2007 | 2:23 PM Comments  {num} comments


Benazir Arrival
About this event: International Forum On Social Science-Policy Nexus
Related to country: Pakistan

Why innocent civilians are always been killed in our country inspite of prominent political figures. Was that a set drama for the upcoming election in Pakistan to raise the popularity graph of a particular party or just another oppertunity created by the govenment to cancel the election 2007.

October 19, 2007 | 4:03 PM Comments  {num} comments


why there is insecurity in southasian countries

I think there is very good law in south asian countires but that law is only in law books and unfortunately not implimented so far, thats why there is lake of security in our countries. middle class and poor families are not having proper civic rights while on the other hand rich people are getting more richer and playing with the laws of the country. unfortunately in our country chief justice is demanding justice in his case, so if chief justice is in trouble regarding the justice than one can better imagine the postion of a common citizen.
while on the other hand in Europe and U.S there is equal law for each citizen which increases the sense of security.
As far as i have concluded the security and insecurity of a society totally depends upon the fair law implementation and rule of justice in a country.

please post your comments.

June 11, 2007 | 4:51 PM Comments  {num} comments


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